CBOLD News Items

September 2000: Data files updated

We have updated our data files. There is now more information about our files available online on our file list, and you can now click on the name of a file in that list to see a full record. In addition, we have added several new sources including a FileMaker database of all the reflexes found in Guthrie in a file called GuthrieReflexes.Hyman2000b. 

June 2000: CBOLD and Laboratoire Dynamique Du Langage in Lyon set up official collaboration

In preparation for the third phase of the project, a partnership between CBOLD and the Laboratoire Dynamique Du Langage (DDL), headed by Jean-Marie Hombert, in Lyon, France has been established. Both groups have collaborated for many years and we at CBOLD are very excited to be working more closely with DDL. Their expertise will be critical as we continue to establish lexical correspondances between the words in our database. 

January 2000: BLR2 Searchable

July 1999: Web Page updated

A dynamic search of the Bantu Bibliography and many of our dictionaries and lexicons has been added. These can all be searched over a wide range of critera. 

August 1998: BLR 2 received

We have received a copy Tervuren's database database of Bantu Reconstructions (BLR2). This significant contribution to CBOLD will greatly aid in tagging the entries of our dictionaries to Proto-Bantu reconstructions. 

February 1997: CBOLD is in the news

We have refreshed our FTP site to allow researchers to download the data files we have prepared so far. Since most of these sources are distinct Bantu languages, this means you'll be able to get substantial lexicons of over one hundred Bantu languages from our Web site. Check out the inventory to see what's in store.

The Web version of the Bantu Bibliography is the work of Collin Baker and John Lowe at UC Berkeley.

The List of Bantu Languages was assembled by John Lowe at UC Berkeley and edited by Larry Hyman, but needs to be further edited by Bantuist colleagues worldwide. Please pitch in if you see errors