Contributors to the Comparative Bantu Online Dictionary (CBOLD) Project

How to become a CBOLD contributor or user

In terms of the distribution of the data contained in the CBOLD database, CBOLD project does not distinguish between contributors and users: you may use the data whether you contribute or not, and contributing data does not give you an advantage over non-contributors (except in a few specific cases where an arrangement has been negotiated beforehand).

However, we do require of all parties adherence to a short set of conditions on the use of the data. We request that if you use or contribute data that you affirm in writing your willingness to adher to these conditions.

Therefore, if you wish to become either a user of or contributor the CBOLD database, please print the text of the Bantuist's Manifesto out and send us a signed hardcopy for our files. We will include your signature on the manifesto.

Contributors will also have their names listed below in the CBOLD Hall of Fame.

The CBOLD Hall of Fame: Contributors to the CBOLD database

The following is a list of contributors to and collaborators with the CBOLD database. Please let use know if we have let anyone's name out!